Unveiling the Principles of a Sustainable Food System

Achieving food security and nutrition for all without compromising the economic, social and environmental foundations for future generations is the goal of a sustainable food system (SFS). This type of food system emphasizes, strengthens and makes visible the interconnected and inseparable relationships between individual sectors (from production to waste disposal) and the characteristics (that promote health, are sustainable, resilient, diverse, just, economically balanced and transparent) of the system. We support food systems that are socially, economically and ecologically sustainable, and that promote the current and future health of individuals, communities and the natural environment. The International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems (IPES-Food) is an independent panel of experts that brings together a diversity of innovative thinkers and professionals to shape debates on how to make the transition to sustainable food systems around the world. With a grant from The W.

Conference on Food Systems and Public Health, IPES-Food was able to create a shared platform for changing food policies across systems. This platform was created by national leaders from the nursing, nutrition, planning and public health professions working together for the first time. In the battle of ideas for the future of food systems, “nature-based solutions” are rapidly gaining ground. Efforts are being made to coordinate with other organizations related to health, nutrition and planning and to connect the stakeholders of each organization in the area of food systems. On the eve of COP28, IPES-Food is urging governments to stop neglecting food systems in their climate commitments and to pay attention to the pioneering efforts of cities and regions to reduce emissions. COP28 provides an opportunity for governments to review their national climate commitments (NDCs) and systematically include food systems and local action.

IPES-Food is calling on governments to use this opportunity to ensure that their NDCs reflect their commitment to a sustainable food system. By doing so, they can ensure that current and future generations have access to healthy, nutritious food while protecting our planet.

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